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Biotalk Co.,LTD. is a leading chemical manufacturer in China, mainly
developing and operating fine fluoro-chemicals and heterocyclic che-micals, including agrochemical/pharmaceutical intermediates, polym-er monomers and some industrial chemicals. We are kean to establi-sh good cooperation with customers........


Our factories: At present, we are operating two factories. Quzhou
is located in Quzhou Hitech Industrial Zone, Zhejiang and mai-nly produces fluoro chemicals. Two workshops have been built up
which include one pilot facility; And Lianyungang Plant is located in Guanyun Port Industrial Park, Jiangsu which is now under construc-tion, and main products will be heterocyclic chemicals and benzene series........



Our technology: We set up two R&D laboratories. One in Shanghai is mainly developing fluorochemicals, including organo-fluorine interme-diates for agro and pharma chemicals, liquid crystal and monomers
of poly materials. And the other in Linhai,Zhejiang will mainly develo-p heterocyclic chemicals. And now we have developed some key tec-hnology for flurines, pyrimidines and pyridines, and also offer custom synthesis service........


Ear to the nature, heart to the society, we commit responsibility of environment greenery and
society harmony, and develop green chemical.

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